Meaning of under one's wing in English:

under one's wing


  • In or into one's protective care.

    ‘Simon's uncle had taken him under his wing’
    • ‘On the evidence it appears as though Anne Kelly, Jennifer's mother, took Jennifer's two boys under her wing and cared for them until Jennifer was finally able to resume her motherly duties on a full-time basis.’
    • ‘Krystal and I had sort of taken him under our wing and protected him from the assholes who disliked him.’
    • ‘There were times when you could look out your own bedroom window and envy the other kids outside who got to play whenever they wanted, while your mom kept you in, under her wing, to protect you.’
    • ‘Assuming that this will never come from government, a way forward might be for primary care trusts to take alcohol agencies under their wing.’
    • ‘There was a lot of disease, it was noisy and cramped but they took me under their wing, they were intrigued by me and they did their best to look after me.’
    • ‘He reflects: ‘I was inspired by some local players who took me under their wing.’’
    • ‘‘The girls take the younger pupils under their wing and help them settle into the hectic schedule here at the school,’ explained Ms Carroll.’
    • ‘In some clubs, new players are appointed a mentor who takes them under their wing and talks them through the first couple of games, explaining the intricacies which abound.’
    • ‘Moo was a couple of years younger than Pat and his friends (at that time of life when a couple of years make a difference) and they kind of took him under their wing.’
    • ‘Isabelle and Theo immediately take Matthew under their wing, inviting him to stay in the spare room while their parents holiday in the countryside.’