Meaning of under protest in English:

under protest

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  • After expressing one's objection or reluctance; unwillingly.

    ‘‘I'm only here under protest,’ Jenna said shortly’
    • ‘The ‘official’ gear was worn; the tape was simply an indication that it was being worn under protest and, on the scale of protests, it was pretty mild.’
    • ‘Did they pay the marginal increase that they are objecting to under protest, as it were, or have they just refused to pay it, so they are not out of pocket for it?’
    • ‘He said legislators were making their amendment under protest but would proceed with their debate on May 19 because several wanted their objections to be noted in the official record.’
    • ‘Now, under protest, they then resumed having daily briefings.’
    • ‘However, once the work is paid for, the contract is concluded and a consumer cannot claim money back, unless they paid under protest, confirming that in writing at the time.’
    • ‘The only way she would allow Lilly to enter her friendly island was if she surrendered her passport during her stay, which Lilly did under protest.’
    • ‘He speaks under protest, pleading that he has so far managed to avoid being photographed or profiled and would quite like to keep it that way.’
    • ‘To avoid any controversy, he had deposited the amount under protest.’
    • ‘Soon they were confronting the two armed farmers and advising them to move off home which they eventually did under protest.’
    • ‘By the way, did the mayor sign the collective agreement under protest?’