Meaning of under sail in English:

under sail

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  • With the sails hoisted.

    ‘at a speed of eight knots under sail’
    • ‘Despite her rather hefty displacement/length ratio and moderate sail area/displacement number, performance under sail of the 35.5 is quite good.’
    • ‘Her aluminium masts are more than 30 metres high and can carry a total sail area of 740.6 square metres, giving a maximum speed under sail of 14 knots.’
    • ‘The next time I was at the helm we were under sail and the boat was much easier to handle.’
    • ‘A procession of big cruising sloops was entering the marina, and I suddenly realized that their skippers intended to dock under sail.’
    • ‘Capable of up to 24 knots under sail, the ship departed Tokyo June 9 and arrived in Vancouver July 8 after a speedy Pacific crossing that included a bit of rough weather.’
    • ‘This is the delightful account of a voyage around the world under sail in the waning days of wooden ships and iron men as told by a 17-year-old girl.’
    • ‘Sailors may elect to install a tri-color light at the masthead that can be used in place of deckmounted lights when the boat is under sail alone.’
    • ‘The narrow ones to port and starboard are for powered craft only, with the wide segment in the middle for boats under sail.’
    • ‘Other than developing considerable weather helm as she heels, the Catalina 30 doesn't have any particularly disturbing characteristics under sail.’
    • ‘Local artist John Colfer has produced an impression of the finished vessel under sail with Hook Head Lighthouse in the background.’