Meaning of under someone's spell in English:

under someone's spell


  • So devoted to someone that they seem to have magic power over one.

    ‘throughout her long life people fell under her spell’
    • ‘He has some sort of magic that puts me under his spell.’
    • ‘She was under his spell; mesmerized by his eyes and his voice and, most of all, by his touch.’
    • ‘He was so sure of himself and his power to seduce that it was hard not to fall under his spell, not that I wasn't a willing participant.’
    • ‘Maybe she had used her evil powers of seduction to draw him under her spell.’
    • ‘If you aren't involved, don't be surprised if you pull someone new and exciting under your spell!’
    • ‘Do you think they really are magicians casting us under their spell?’
    • ‘And I fell under their spell, and stopped worrying about rehearsals.’
    • ‘He was an aquaintence of the couple with an obsessive nature and had fallen under Seward 's spell.’
    • ‘When you're under a boy 's spell, it's not always easy to break.’
    • ‘Bollywood's over-the-top high jinks have fascinated audiences from the Far East to the Middle East to Russia, and now even the West is coming under its spell.’