Meaning of under someone's thumb in English:

under someone's thumb


  • Completely under someone's influence or control.

    ‘he was very much under the thumb of his father’
    • ‘‘You must be really satisfied at how you managed to hook me under your thumb all these years,’ he went on relentlessly.’
    • ‘Tenali Rama's interpretation: You must not become a shrew but must be so to some extent in order to keep your husband under your thumb.’
    • ‘Give it a couple of weeks, and The Man will soon stop asking you to do anything, and soon enough you'll have him under your thumb.’
    • ‘But Beck made little progress: advocates had the City Council under their thumb.’
    • ‘God is the creation of a few powerful people to keep the gullible masses under their thumb.’
    • ‘He was doing all those hurtful things people do when they think they have you under their thumb.’
    • ‘This is the beginning of the end for the British Army and their fight to keep the colonies under King George 's thumb.’
    • ‘Keeping a ship with 460 people on board under Howard 's thumb for 6 days has cost $20 million, as much as it would have cost to keep these boat people in detention for 434 days.’
    • ‘The only other site capable of producing deuterium at the time was in Vemork, Norway, which had been under Hitler 's thumb since 1940.’
    • ‘The solution to conflicts such as this is obviously not to put the police back under the military 's thumb.’