Meaning of under steam in English:

under steam


  • (of a machine) being operated by steam.

    ‘the only beam engine working under steam in Cornwall’
    • ‘The King, which last operated under steam about 1946, came close to destruction several times until it was converted to a floating hotel here.’
    • ‘That's experienced railroading, You got the hostler to bring around something that was under steam and couple her up behind the diesel.’
    • ‘It was scrapped July 1953, and was probably the last T - 1 under steam.’
    • ‘He and Mr Stevenson were on the last train pulled by Flying Scotsman under steam on May 4, 1968.’
    • ‘The MFV Reaper the flag ship of the Scottish Fisheries Museum made the trip from the Arbroath boat building yard of MacKay's in blustery conditions under steam of a new engine fitted as part of the £120,000 six-month overhaul.’
    • ‘The Prince Consort beam engine at the Grade II listed Crossness Pumping House will be under steam during an open day in Belvedere Road, Abbey Wood, this Sunday between 10.30 am and 4.30 pm.’
    • ‘As always, the dredge took an age to reach the seafloor and, after the usual several hours of towing under steam, yet another age before it reached the surface again, finally arriving back at 5 o'clock in the afternoon.’