Meaning of under the banner of in English:

under the banner of

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  • 1As part of a specified group.

    ‘leaders banded together under the banner of a trade group for the wine industry’
    • ‘The bloggers are running under the banner of the Iraqi Pro-Democracy Party.’
    • ‘In the last federal election, he ran under the banner of the Green Party in Windsor.’
    • ‘These organized interests coalesced under the banner of the American Party, which resulted in the advocacy of a variety of policies designed to please each element of the coalition.’
    • ‘It has brokered a deal with the ruling African National Congress and will contest future elections under the banner of that party.’
    • ‘Both men want to contest local August 10 elections under the banner of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party.’
    • ‘For example, a number of groups associated with the Northern Allliance are also fundamentalist in their orientation, previously having fought under the banner of the Mujahideen.’
    • ‘Our heroes were the American volunteers fighting fascism in Spain under the banner of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade.’
    • ‘It also said it would fight all future elections under the banner of the ruling African National Congress.’
    • ‘They are worried about the rising numbers of southern men fighting under the banner of Sauron.’
    • ‘The three have now formed a campaign group under the banner of Exhibiting Societies of Scottish Artists to persuade the National Galleries to cut the rental costs.’
    • ‘University sporting clubs operate under the banner of, and with the support of, the Union.’
    • ‘He has created an alternate history that claims that U.S. forces, under the banner of the United Nations, killed 13,000 Somalis.’
    • ‘About 250 delegates from 14 countries congregated at London's City Hall some time back under the banner of a pro-hijab group to campaign for the freedom to wear the hijab.’
    • ‘‘The SSBA was never under the banner of the Keep The Clause campaign,’ said Hutchison.’
    • ‘Many former Nazis fought elections under the banner of the National Democratic Party with limited success.’
    • ‘Now the statement is dated Tuesday, and the statement also goes on to say that Al Qaeda, or Al Zarqawi, is expected to issue a longer statement soon under the banner of Al Qaeda in Iraq.’
    1. 1.1Claiming to support a specified cause or principle.
      ‘campaigns fought under the banner of multiculturalism’
      • ‘The party has fought two campaigns under the banner of devolution and has not reached its objective of forming the Scottish administration.’
      • ‘Another trend, supported by the government under the banner of diversity, has been the decline of formal family relationships and a rise in smaller households.’
      • ‘This is an important distinction that has been overlooked in the resolutions of organized psychiatry and in the media, where the claims are lumped together under the banner of abuse.’
      • ‘In essence, however, it was a struggle between the rising middle class or bourgeoisie and the old aristocracy - a battle between capitalism and feudalism, fought out under the banner of religion.’
      • ‘He placed himself at the head of the masses and raised a holy war against the Crusaders - he became the leader of a national liberation struggle fought under the banner of religion.’
      • ‘If Lenin was an élitist, then the same label must be affixed to all those have fought under the banner of scientific truth against innumerable forms of obscurantism.’
      • ‘The Italians fought endless civic wars under the banner of Guelph or Ghibelline, Pope or Empire, but they were little more than pretexts for strife.’
      • ‘Scrutiny of cadres' records was followed by a campaign, still under the banner of Rectification, to ferret out traitors and to eliminate counter-revolutionaries.’
      • ‘The current condom promotion programs are narrowly focused under the banner of safer-sex campaigns.’
      • ‘He argued that sectarianism was the pursuit of political/economic/social goals under the banner of, and sometimes in the name of, religion.’
      • ‘I've always thought it is the best way for Labor to proceed, rather than doling out subsidies to companies under the banner of so called industry policy.’
      • ‘Their campaign for regime change falls under the banner of Anybody But Him.’
      • ‘People, frustrated by the failures of capitalism, organise themselves under the banner of populist leaders (whose close relations with capital notwithstanding).’
      • ‘The State intercepted, under the banner of inclusive leadership, the growth of the organised workers by appointing their most influential and vocal leaders as parliamentarians and deputy ministers.’
      • ‘Non-consensual federalization of troops must be done under the banner of preserving judicial authority or due process, rather than for the purpose of preserving law and order.’
      • ‘In Porto Alegre the coalition of forces that often goes under the banner of antiglobalization began collectively to recast itself as a pro-democracy movement.’