Meaning of under the heel of in English:

under the heel of


  • Dominated or controlled by.

    ‘a population under the heel of a military dictatorship’
    • ‘Have those societies, tribes, castes, and languages of the Low Life of New York disappeared under the heel of gentrification, or are writers just not working hard enough these days as chroniclers?’
    • ‘He has seen his country crushed under the heel of a ‘liberating’ force which has destroyed its monasteries, killed its religious leaders, and done its best to obliterate its native culture.’
    • ‘As the Iron Curtain fell across Europe after the end of the war, Poland was swept behind it and under the heel of Joseph Stalin - a dictator as cruel as Adolf Hitler was.’
    • ‘I guess it's just the fate of men, to be under the heel of beautiful women.’
    • ‘It tells of a nation struggling to be born under the heel of oppression.’
    • ‘One of the reasons we watch movies is to escape from real life into a world where the good guys in the white hats win in the end, where the guy gets the girl, and where visionary entrepreneurs aren't ground under the heel of corporate America.’
    • ‘The president explicitly declares that the population, which has barely avoided coming under the heel of a military dictatorship, must not be told about the conspiracy, because it would create disorder!’
    • ‘The various planets have united under one political umbrella after a bitter war that saw those planets that craved independence crushed under the heel of centralisation.’
    • ‘The company, which now specialises in the manufacture and distribution of personal care and cosmetic products, has been under the heel of its bankers for some time now.’
    • ‘Of course, feminists would argue that the idea that men are now crushed under the heel of power-wielding, all-controlling women is complete rubbish.’