Meaning of under the open sky in English:

under the open sky


  • Out of doors.

    ‘an ancient Greek theatre under the open sky’
    • ‘That's why they are living outside under the open sky.’
    • ‘Hawaii Big Island hosts open market places with hundreds of merchants selling their hand crafted items under the open sky.’
    • ‘Promptly after sunset, the pilgrims travel through the mountain pass of Muzdalifa, where they spend the night under the open sky.’
    • ‘"Truly it has been a joy to be outside under the open sky today," the bard said as their party rode out of the Lord Johen's forests.’
    • ‘People strolled through, into the cool courtyard under the open sky.’
    • ‘The knight felt free under the open sky, and let out a whoop of joy as he rode over the grassy, frost-glazed hill.’
    • ‘They had been there three days already, saving the inflated price of the hostels by sleeping out under the open sky on a concrete beach.’
    • ‘It was tiresome, traveling under the open sky, and she was looking forward to a good night's rest.’
    • ‘Citizens gather under the open sky on a Sunday in spring to pass laws and elect officials by a show of hands.’
    • ‘Should the weather have been warmer, we would have delighted in sleeping under the open sky lulled to sleep by the voice of nature.’