Meaning of under the pump in English:

under the pump


  • Under pressure to do something.

    ‘they kept their composure well when we were under the pump’
    • ‘I was under the pump a little bit to get myself ready in the last couple of weeks with some back tightness.’
    • ‘By any count the brothers are under the pump as current difficulties are used to rationalize again.’
    • ‘There are plenty of other senior executives inside the bank who should be under the pump.’
    • ‘He will also undoubtedly have the support of a coach by his side who himself is under the pump.’
    • ‘Any local sport that isn't offering the kind of pizzazz or whiz bang marketing that is creating fresh and dynamic new sporting heroes is under the pump.’
    • ‘The controversial major sporting event again finds itself under the pump.’
    • ‘We'd been under the pump for so long we forget how to enjoy the game.’
    • ‘To date they haven't shown any of that when they've been under the pump, and I think that's the time for a true team to really lift and turn things around.’
    • ‘We certainly put them under the pump and in the end we just weren't quite up to it.’
    • ‘The most fundamental basic of the game at the highest level is that instinctive ability to make the right choice when you are under the pump.’