Meaning of under the sun in English:

under the sun

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  • On earth; in existence (used in expressions emphasizing the large number of something)

    ‘they exchanged views on every subject under the sun’
    • ‘Someone, somewhere has passed a witty, wise or outrageous remark on almost every subject under the sun.’
    • ‘The collection covers an overwhelming array of subjects, probably everything under the sun!’
    • ‘She is so at ease on stage and has tons of great material on every subject under the sun.’
    • ‘They call me every name under the sun and reiterate the fact that they're in a hurry.’
    • ‘You can believe in patents without believing that everything under the sun should be patented.’
    • ‘It is clear these questions are becoming an opportunity for people to raise any subject under the sun without notice.’
    • ‘Whatever decision you make they surround you like a pack of wild dogs, calling you every name under the sun.’
    • ‘Now call me a stick-in-the-mud, but that sounds like laziness and an open invitation to wheel out every prejudice under the sun.’
    • ‘It has developed an extensive manufacturing capability and can produce nearly anything under the sun.’
    • ‘Of all musical styles under the sun, country music is perhaps the most misunderstood.’
    thinkable, conceivable, supposable, believable, credible, creditable, comprehensible