Meaning of under the wire in English:

under the wire

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informal North American
  • At the last possible opportunity; just in time.

    • ‘the team got into the playoffs just under the wire’
    • ‘Deadline's tomorrow, and I won't be slipping in under the wire.’
    • ‘He called the place and just barely made it under the wire for the deadline for an interview.’
    • ‘I know that you hate how they get their payments in just under the wire.’
    • ‘As she galloped under the wire, the seven-year-old daughter of Desert King eclipsed the Australian earnings record held by three-time Horse of the Year Sunline.’
    • ‘‘I just got in under the wire, age-wise,’ she says.’
    • ‘And the art was good enough that no-one's grumbling about how late it was, even though it really came in just under the wire, and I'm madly rewriting to make it work.’
    • ‘Could 2006 be the year when I stop skidding under the wire at the last minute and begin a systematic plan of action, ticking off life's events with time to spare, instead?’
    • ‘Then there are those who come softly, slipping so silently under the wire that, if you don't look hard enough, can easily be mistaken for the status quo.’
    • ‘Find out how new procedures might squeeze in under the wire in our ‘Brainstorm’ segment.’
    • ‘I'm getting in just under the wire, which pleases me, as I generally leave things of this ilk till it is far too late for me to remedy the situation.’
    just in time, not a moment too soon, almost too late, at the critical moment