Meaning of underachieve in English:


Pronunciation /ʌndərəˈtʃiːv/

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  • Do less well than expected, especially in schoolwork.

    ‘the report focused on pupils who were underachieving’
    • ‘It is hard to believe he was a child who consistently underachieved at school, whose reports said ‘nice and friendly’ but never mentioned any outstanding mental ability.’
    • ‘All had underachieved at school, had few if any qualifications and had no job.’
    • ‘These are aimed at pupils who are underachieving or at risk of exclusion and cover basic skills like literacy and numeracy as well as sport, music, ICT and media courses.’
    • ‘‘There is no doubt that the pupils taking their GCSEs underachieved,’ the report says.’
    • ‘This is problem even before the university stage, these children are underachieving at school and nothing seems to be happening to correct this problem.’
    • ‘The analyses served as a mechanism to question current practices and thinking about why some groups of children underachieve in school.’
    • ‘The disorder is frequently diagnosed in children with behavioural problems or in those who underachieve at school.’
    • ‘Dr Nash will also discuss the relevance of the programme for other groups of children who may be underachieving and experiencing failure at school.’
    • ‘But he admitted that some pupils would have started the new school term ‘disappointed’, believing that they had underachieved.’
    • ‘While the film is making respectful money, the trades seem to report that it is underachieving according to expectations.’
    • ‘In Italy he was dubbed the ‘successful loser’, a guy everybody seemed to like, competent but underachieving.’
    • ‘I felt useless, knew full well that I was underachieving, but still refused point blank to do anything about it.’
    • ‘The aim is to nip any problems in the bud before they spiral out of control and lead to youngsters dropping out or underachieving.’
    • ‘We massively underachieved and the present-day side are doing that too.’
    • ‘There were some players not even celebrating much because they know they underachieved as individuals.’
    • ‘Of course this club has underachieved, but we are not far away from going on to do really well.’
    • ‘For years, as both clubs underachieved, there was little to talk about between derby matches apart from the derbies themselves.’
    • ‘It's over, and we're out, having underperformed and underachieved in a major tournament yet again.’
    • ‘This country has underachieved in the world of sport over the last 20 years.’
    • ‘Primary teachers, he added, can readily identify those who will most likely underachieve and drop out early in a society of poverty, unemployment and social exclusion.’