Meaning of underachiever in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnd(ə)rəˈtʃiːvə/

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‘I was expected to do it; I knew I should do it and that if I didn't I would be put in the box of losers, underachievers.’
  • ‘Yet now these gap-year students and educational underachievers are formally charged with divesting our children of their ignorance; or at least the children who are sent to nursery schools or childminding circles.’
  • ‘Within a fortnight of its American release it had earned £75 million - a bona fide critical and commercial box-office hit in a summer of heavy-hitting underachievers.’
  • ‘More than anything, though, Duncan has been one of the great underachievers of his generation.’
  • ‘He moved to Widnes in 1962 and helped transform a team of underachievers to cup-winners in 1964-the side's first trophy in 18 years.’
  • ‘Graham, though, is undaunted by the prospect and believes he can turn the Premiership's most notorious underachievers into top three material for next year.’
  • ‘Schools are mollycoddling pupils, producing a generation of unhealthy underachievers, the government's education agency has warned.’
  • ‘For mainstream media, the plentiful underachievers are customarily the rough equivalent of flotsam and jetsam.’
  • ‘It appears my course has become a filler for last-minute applicants, indecisive underachievers and anyone idle they could find on the streets.’
  • ‘It is, however, a moment guaranteed to inspire athletic underachievers everywhere.’
  • ‘They are very much the underachievers in European football but they have a wonderful team and on their day they can beat anyone.’
  • ‘At school, he was ‘an underachiever and a screw-off.’’
  • ‘People are always saying that Darren is an underachiever.’
  • ‘He's a sort of classic underachiever who is looking after his father who has never been the same since his mother left them.’
  • ‘Conor O'Neill is your typical underachiever, a good-looking, sulky drifter who's a ticket scalper and a gambler on the wrong side of the dice.’
  • ‘Were you considered an underachiever in school?’
  • ‘Want to see how much of an underachiever you are?’
  • ‘Albert Einstein: although an underachiever at school, he went on to dominate the world of physics with his ground-breaking discoveries’
  • ‘My brother, on the other hand, evolved from classic third-child underachiever to thrusting college student within a matter of months.’
  • ‘The other is a chronic underachiever, undependable, disreputable, a thoroughly wild child.’