Meaning of underactive in English:


Pronunciation /ʌndərˈaktɪv/


  • Insufficiently active.

    ‘a health problem such as an underactive thyroid’
    • ‘There are a number of symptoms associated with an under active thyroid.’
    • ‘Not all high cholesterol is caused by an underactive thyroid gland.’
    • ‘The symptoms you describe are typical of an underactive thyroid gland.’
    • ‘There are plenty of natural treatments for an underactive thyroid.’
    • ‘Blood tests are often prescribed to detect an underactive thyroid.’
    • ‘Under active thyroid is easily diagnosed by your family doctor by means of a simple blood test.’
    • ‘An underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism) can be treated with thyroid hormone (thyroxine).’
    • ‘An underactive thyroid can be the result of an auto-immune problem, whereby the body's own antibodies attack the thyroid gland.’
    • ‘What happens is that the thyroid gland becomes under active.’
    • ‘From their symptoms, its clear that their thyroid is underactive.’
    • ‘You are right that many of your symptoms are consistent with an underactive thyroid.’
    • ‘Women, especially those older than 40, are more likely to have an underactive thyroid than men are.’
    • ‘Hashimoto's is actually the disease that causes underactive thyroid.’
    • ‘The test showed that Stanton had an underactive thyroid, probably triggered by pregnancy.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, for women suffering from hypothyroidism (i.e., underactive thyroid), this would be about five to seven servings too many.’
    • ‘This is largely caused by underactive enzyme systems in the stratum corneum associated with the lack of hydration.’
    • ‘A blood test can tell if your thyroid gland is underactive.’
    • ‘Americans may tend to be overweight and underactive, but gyms are still big business.’
    • ‘If you believe you have an underactive thyroid, the next step is to see a doctor.’
    • ‘Therefore, if you suspect you have an underactive thyroid, consult a medical professional, preferably a holistic GP.’