Meaning of underappreciate in English:



[with object]
  • Fail to value or appreciate (someone or something) highly enough.

    ‘we continue to underappreciate the efforts of our teachers’
    • ‘Somewhat more successful are the cuts with guest rappers, most notably a few with the woefully under appreciated Jean Grae.’
    • ‘A fascinating tale of an under appreciated Australian hero.’
    • ‘Chris Byrd is a very under appreciated fighter in today's Heavyweight division.’
    • ‘That man is Les Claypool, a very under appreciated musician.’
    • ‘Steve Carell stars in the NBC sitcom that highlights the often under appreciated middle managers.’
    • ‘This is an under appreciated aspect of the working the referee's tactic.’
    • ‘In his lifetime and until recently, Kuniyoshi has been under appreciated.’
    • ‘Because tiles have always been mass-produced, generally using cheap and readily available materials, the individual object is often under appreciated.’
    • ‘Cage's performance was outstanding and very under appreciated.’
    • ‘The book pays greatest attention to the anthropological and economic dimensions of Asia - topics often under appreciated by the defense intellectual community.’
    • ‘I believe the early role in settlement and the establishment of a garden on the island is very much under appreciated.’
    • ‘Burns was one of those fighters who was under appreciated by boxing fans today.’
    • ‘Someone like Avedon or Penn has garnered more attention, but many are largely under appreciated, which is seen in cost. "’
    • ‘The best job so far was done by the under appreciated Dean Cain on the short lived TV show Lois and Clark.’
    • ‘Critically hailed yet under performing and under appreciated, Election is smart, on its toes, and delightfully cynical.’
    • ‘A Christmas Story is a joyous celebration, a comedic care package for those who feel the season has gotten over-hyped and under appreciated.’
    • ‘He's one of the most understated (and under appreciated) actors of his generation.’
    • ‘You tend to be understated and under appreciated.’
    • ‘They will continue to say that it is misunderstood and under appreciated for as long as anyone will listen.’
    • ‘He was a great man, a great South African, someone whom I feel was under appreciated as a South African icon.’