Meaning of underarm in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʌndərɑːm/

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  • A person's armpit.

    ‘she shaved her legs and underarms’
    • ‘use an underarm deodorant’
    • ‘The vogue extends to male triathletes, who wax their legs, underarms and chest to feel more streamlined.’
    • ‘The therapist brushes your body briskly, back and front, concentrating on ankles, backs of knees, underarms and neck: areas where lymph nodes are densely packed.’
    • ‘If you have dry or sensitive skin, use soap only on your face, underarms, and hands and feet.’
    • ‘Clusters of lymph nodes are found in your underarms, groin, neck, chest and abdomen.’
    • ‘The men were given full leg, chest, back and underarms wax by Serenity's senior therapist, Rebecca Lloyd.’
    • ‘I shaved my legs and my underarms, brushed my hair, conditioned twice, washed every inch of my skin in hopes of feeling as fresh as possible and I made it a top priority to cake on some deodorant and floss.’
    • ‘They are attracted to areas where the skin is thinner: folds around the ankles, backs of knees, waist, and underarms.’
    • ‘Its clever oval shape allows you to maneuver perfectly around such delicate areas as ankles, knees and underarms.’
    • ‘Use a full-length mirror to see the sides of your upper arms, elbows and underarms.’
    • ‘Use it on your chest, stomach, back, and underarms.’
    • ‘Alex was putting deodorant on his underarms when he heard a familiar song playing somewhere.’
    • ‘Smiling, Lucia continued to tickle his stomach, feet, and underarms, until the little boy was gasping for breath with tears at the corners of his eyes.’
    • ‘Not only was the entrée some type of octopus-looking noodle dish, but it was completely slathered in Alfredo sauce, which I knew would go straight to my hips and underarms.’
    • ‘She entered her room and removed her tank, discovering it to be stretched out and torn at the underarms and neck.’
    • ‘Adema, also in a half-body posture, had tucked his chin, tightened his underarms, as he would do in a boxing match.’
    • ‘It smelled like underarms and sweat in the locker room as I put my head down and walked over to my locker.’
    • ‘He grabbed Jason's underarms, and Sam grabbed Jason's legs.’
    • ‘She glared at him; he glared back, and then tried to tickle her underarms.’
    • ‘Jessica handed me a pilot's uniform; it was a one-piece suit, from the mid-chest down it was a deep navy blue, the rest was red with patches of black along the underarms and sternum.’
    • ‘I cannot seem to use perfume on my underarms.’


  • (of a throw or stroke in sport) made with the arm or hand below shoulder level.

    ‘a good-length underarm serve’
    • ‘And it wasn't some nice, looping, underarm throw that would have guaranteed the bottle would land safely in Drifter's hands, either.’
    • ‘He throws from a slightly underarm angle, but his pitches can reach 93 mph, an unusually high velocity for pitchers with that type of delivery.’
    • ‘Ii'S clear from the history of cricket that bowling has gone through an evolution from underarm bowling to overarm bowling.’
    • ‘Here it is demonstrated for hitting an overhead shot (the most-played shot in badminton, unlike tennis or squash which are primarily underarm swings).’
    • ‘The Laws of Cricket and the ICC playing regulations both prohibit the bowling of underarm deliveries.’
    • ‘The Kiwis threatened to bowl all 50 overs underarm at the next match, but did not go through with it.’
    • ‘When the very original cricket balls were manufactured in the Garden of England around 1750, the underarm deliveries could not be made to swing significantly at such a low trajectory and pace.’
    • ‘And two decades later, he re-visits the underarm delivery and provides a fascinating insight into why he asked his younger brother Trevor to bowl that infamous delivery.’
    • ‘As a result, underarm bowling was banned from international cricket.’
    • ‘Australia were amassing a huge score (Billy Murdoch had just scored the first Test double-century) when Lyttelton came on to propel his underarm lobs.’
    • ‘Latham couldn't believe his luck and gladly accepted the offer of the underarm lob from half way down the pitch to remind voters of Howard's cut and run strategy.’
    • ‘The bowler steps up to the crease and rolls an underarm delivery on the ground straight at the batsman.’
    • ‘Greg asked Trevor, ‘How are you at bowling your underarms?’ before asking the umpire to inform the batsman the delivery would be underarm.’


  • (with reference to a throw or stroke in sport) with the arm or hand below shoulder level.

    • ‘throwing underarm’