Meaning of underbite in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʌndəbʌɪt/


  • (in non-technical use) the projection of the lower teeth beyond the upper.

    ‘‘I may see patients who need their jaws removed, jaw surgery for overbites and underbites, surgery on skeletal deformations, trauma patients that have suffered fractures and lacerations,’ Baker says.’
    • ‘Problems might include an overbite, underbite, missing teeth, crooked teeth, or misplaced teeth.’
    • ‘He had expected them to be bats, but they were small goblins, with pointy, bat like ears, a pronounced underbite with sharp teeth protruding, and long, spindly arms with long fingered hands punctuated by dagger like nails.’
    • ‘Another problem is an overbite (upper jaw hangs over the lower jaw) or underbite (lower jaw is larger than the upper jaw).’
    • ‘With respect to a patient with a severe underbite, first and foremost, one should visit an orthodontist.’
    • ‘Most orthodontists feel that crossbites and underbites (much less common than overbites and crowding in children) might be easier to correct if addressed early, but the research is not yet in on this.’
    • ‘There are a few different ways for the teeth to be ‘out of alignment’, including overbite and underbite.’
    • ‘How can you tell you've got a serious underbite?’
    • ‘I can't stand his strained voice. I can't stand his underbite and the way he grimaces when he sings.’