Meaning of underbody in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʌndəbɒdi/

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nounplural noun underbodies

  • The underside of a road vehicle, ship, or animal's body.

    ‘The final element that contributes to improved handling and grip is the downforce - using the underbody of the vehicle to facilitate airflow and ‘stick’ the car to the tarmac.’
    • ‘A stay and crossmember were added to the underbody.’
    • ‘The underbody is flat with venturi tunnels, a front air splitter and rear diffusers, and the carbon-fibre rear wing is an option that provides some downforce at high speed.’
    • ‘What's more, the underbody has been engineered so that it is essentially flat.’
    • ‘The body uses more high-strength steel in the underbody areas and shock towers to improve safety while saving weight.’
    • ‘To meet the durability requirements, you would have to rework the underbody structure and make changes to accept an independent rear suspension.’
    • ‘The rear seats are mounted directly to an underbody crossmember to prevent transmission of excess noise through the rear suspension.’
    • ‘The basic underbody structure is common, as are the assembly hard points.’
    • ‘We added the underbody rails to meet the truck durability and increase rigidity.’
    • ‘He's talking about a place where some 1,300 people are involved in producing body and underbody panels, in transforming some 600 tons of steel into parts and assemblies.’
    • ‘At first I was a little timid because the car has quite a bit of power, tons of grip with the underbody and the wings.’
    • ‘The presses make underbody and underhood components that are used for vehicles throughout GM's lineup.’
    • ‘Its underbody is light gray in color, with wings and head in slate blue.’
    • ‘These are not part of our definition of platform which centers on the engine, transmission, suspension. floor and underbody, and fuel tank.’
    • ‘Many weeks were then spent under the car in the classic Michelangelo position, cleaning the dirt of several years from the underbody.’
    • ‘It allows for the incorporation of a shear plate to seal the car's underbody as a hedge against drag.’
    • ‘Other automotive application areas include load floor, underbody shields, battery trays, and door inner panels.’
    • ‘A new automated underbody line has been installed specifically for the convertible.’
    • ‘A strong set of underbody and sidebody protection elements make it a sturdy vehicle to take off the tarmac.’
    • ‘The truck's underbody was snowplowing the whole time, and we made it about half-way before the snow accumulated into a solid wall through which we couldn't pass.’