Meaning of underclothing in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʌndəkləʊðɪŋ/

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mass noun
  • Clothing worn under other clothes, typically next to the skin.

    ‘She helps Sarah into fresh underclothing and a clean robe.’
    • ‘Some changed back into their uniform jumpsuits, but most just stayed in their underclothing.’
    • ‘She was in her underclothing when Giselda slipped on the gown.’
    • ‘I doubt that underclothing is something I could borrow from my boss.’
    • ‘The following items are needed: Warm socks, vests, underwear, toiletries Christmas cakes, boxes of biscuits, sweets, warm underclothing for men and warm blankets.’
    • ‘She stopped in the road, excavated her wallet from her underclothing, removed the wadded bill of sale, and tore the parchment into small bits, scattering them over the roadside grass.’
    • ‘Our Holly is wearing her underclothing over her outerclothing!’
    • ‘Which was when I realized I was dressed merely in my underclothing and standing before a strange, sputtering man I had never before seen in my life.’
    • ‘It's not like you'll be able to walk down to the corner store if you need a change of underclothing.’
    • ‘I changed quickly, but my lightweight approach to the expedition meant that the underclothing I wore for the cave was also my warm clothes for the surface, only now they were wet!’
    • ‘Andy blushed too, upon the sight of her, but Justin did not seem to notice, nor care that his wife was seeing another man in underclothing.’
    • ‘He also showed me some silk underclothing.’
    • ‘She was awake by the morning, wearing nothing but her underclothing.’
    • ‘There must have been an impression at the time though that what was happening was improper because she refused to remove her underclothing.’
    • ‘I shook my head and began scrubbing myself with the wax, occasionally pushing the underclothing out of the way.’
    • ‘With a sigh, she folded up her last piece of underclothing, and then hung up her last two dresses in the closet.’
    • ‘Not a good day at all… she looked down and realized she was in just her underclothing.’
    • ‘He also picked up a small scrap of cloth, cloth that looked like it came from her underclothing.’
    • ‘She much preferred her breeches or underclothing to the stiff dresses she wore at home.’
    • ‘What would people think in Emergency if you arrived with tattered underclothing?’