Meaning of underdrawing in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʌndədrɔː(r)ɪŋ/


  • A sketch made by a painter as a preliminary guide and subsequently covered with layers of paint.

    ‘he worked at great speed, with little reliance on cartoons or underdrawings’
    • ‘the relationship between the two artists is illuminated by comparison of the use of underdrawing in their early paintings’
    • ‘Most artists made some kind of preliminary sketch on their support but our knowledge of these underdrawings is severely limited by the methods available for studying them.’
    • ‘Chapuis contents himself with a largely visual approach to the paintings and to a discussion of their underdrawings.’
    • ‘Using three works - two entitied Shad Fishing at Gloucester on the Delaware River and Mending the Net - they found underdrawings in graphite directly related to existing photographs.’
    • ‘In the end, the detectives are left with fragments of paint, scraps of scarlet borders, shady underdrawings, no firm solution to their puzzles about authorship.’
    • ‘Infrared photography, which is widely used to view underdrawings in painting conservation, has been applied to the Museum's six Ethiopian icons.’
    • ‘An examination of sample panels from two earlier Cologne workshops yielded one detailed underdrawing but otherwise only limited outline markings for the figures.’
    • ‘In virtually every one Turner draws the architecture in pencil and then covers this under-drawing with washes of pale colour.’
    • ‘An underdrawing, if it possesses carbon-containing material, can be seen with infrared reflectography.’
    • ‘What we are looking at in essence is the underdrawing for an illuminated manuscript, an art form that we associate more with the Middle Ages than with the later Renaissance.’
    • ‘When the work was examined with a vidicon machine, it was revealed to have a vigorous and beautiful underdrawing.’
    • ‘Del Sarto was a great proponent of drawing, and the underdrawings were typical of the way he worked.’
    • ‘The elements are painted over a ground of thinly whitewashed underdrawing.’
    • ‘The style and extent of the resulting underdrawing can vary enormously, from a few sketchy lines to elaborate hatched drawings, complete in every detail.’
    • ‘Radiology has revealed no underdrawing in Vermeer's other paintings.’
    • ‘Most artists apply watercolor over a pencil drawing, but many of O'Keeffe's watercolors have no underdrawing.’
    • ‘Eakins did this as he was painting, for there is no underdrawing on this canvas.’
    • ‘In removing the uppermost layer of painted plaster from the cut-out chunk of wall, conservators discovered an underlying sinopia or underdrawing.’
    drawing, preliminary drawing, outline