Meaning of underdungers in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʌndədʌŋəz/

plural noun

informal New Zealand
  • Underpants.

    • ‘he prefers cotton jocks or boxers to nylon underdungers’
    • ‘That is one cool pair of underdungers!’
    • ‘I bought some new underdungers to take on holidays.’
    • ‘Wool or nylon underdungers may warm up your testicles too much.’
    • ‘These underdungers leave nothing to the imagination.’
    • ‘He'd sewn sequins on his singlet, and on his underdungers too.’
    • ‘Horror of horrors—when I got to the changing room and made a further discovery—no fresh socks or underdungers!’
    • ‘You could bring sheets, tea towels, underdungers, and everything else you have never ironed in your life.’
    • ‘Invitees to the Christmas party are reminded to use their manners and not photocopy their underdungers.’
    • ‘I can see my needing a new pair of underdungers every time I forget about the tripwire.’
    • ‘At least I'll know whether to wear my fleecy-lined underdungers.’


1980s from under(pants) + dunga(ree)s, with a possible pun on dung.