Meaning of undereducated in English:


Pronunciation /ʌndərˈɛdjʊkeɪtɪd/


  • Poorly educated.

    ‘The program recognizes the link between undereducated adults and educationally at-risk children.’
    • ‘I am conflicted over how to respond to the rather undereducated editorial that appeared in this week's issue.’
    • ‘She is also a spunky, opinionated scientist who believes that many athletes, nutritionally speaking, are lazy, undereducated, and misinformed, and eat like spoiled children when given the chance.’
    • ‘He always wanted to help education and to help the lives of the underprivileged and the undereducated.’
    • ‘Firstly, the rather undereducated characterization of my lawsuit as ‘frivolous’ is, of course, a matter of opinion.’
    • ‘Maybe you think we're being a little hard on the people of this town, by calling them yokels and inferring that they're nothing more than a bunch of undereducated rubes.’
    • ‘Otherwise all future columns will be printed without edit, thereby exposing us for the undereducated, overpaid frauds that we are.’
    • ‘By today's standards, most journalists were corrupt and undereducated.’
    • ‘And I feel hopelessly undereducated, with all the MAs around me.’
    • ‘They are disproportionately poor, undereducated, unemployed and more likely to end their own lives.’
    • ‘This has helped keep generations of residents undereducated and the town's economy suspended in time.’
    • ‘You're looking at undereducated, undervalued and underdeveloped, men, women and children.’
    • ‘People who are undereducated often feel unequipped to participate in the political process.’
    • ‘Companies look at us and one of the things they see is an undereducated population.’
    • ‘Well, it seems that I yet again have to suffer through another year with you undereducated and underachieving students.’
    • ‘He was sure he was either going crazy or that Billy, his overfed and undereducated co-worker, was trying to play a trick on him.’
    • ‘A third of the population is unemployed, and many more people are underemployed and undereducated, he says.’
    • ‘Well, I couldn't take her impoliteness to mean she was undereducated - except in the manners department.’
    • ‘Those parents, often poor and undereducated, have no institutional power.’
    • ‘He founded a vocational school for undereducated children.’