Meaning of underestimation in English:


Pronunciation /ˌʌndərɛstɪˈmeɪʃ(ə)n/


  • A judgement or rough calculation that is unfavourable or too low.

    ‘there was an underestimation of what it would cost’
    • ‘people continually make these huge underestimations about teenagers’
    • ‘this could lead to underestimation of overall energy expenditure’
    • ‘The management of transport policy over several decades has been spectacularly inept, aside from the understandable underestimation of population numbers.’
    • ‘Dependency of the arm below heart level leads to an overestimation of systolic and diastolic pressures and raising the arm above heart level leads to underestimation.’
    • ‘This figure likely represents an underestimation of the true incidence of symptomatic articular cartilage lesions.’
    • ‘Recipes like these help one plan a meal better and since the end quantity is indicated, there is no scope for wastage nor underestimation.’
    • ‘The underestimation of intelligence is extraordinary, and it makes you fear for liberty.’