Meaning of underexpose in English:


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[with object]Photography
  • Expose (film or an image) for too short a time.

    as adjective underexposed ‘an underexposed picture’
    • ‘What you should be seeing is; if you overexpose the image should be lighter and if you underexpose the image will be darker.’
    • ‘The left image is underexposed, resulting in a dark image: foreground detail is heavily muted, and the window to our right is completely invisible.’
    • ‘From an imaging perspective, several photographs were either underexposed or blurred due to insufficient exposure time.’
    • ‘Since snow is so reflective, it can force the camera to underexpose the darker, less reflective subject in your scene.’
    • ‘If you're using a camcorder lock off the white balance, add a blue filter and underexpose the shot.’



/ʌndərɪkˈspəʊz/ /ʌndərɛkˈspəʊz/