Meaning of underfeed in English:


Pronunciation /ʌndəˈfiːd/


[with object]
  • Not give enough food to.

    ‘some breeders intentionally underfeed their pups to keep them small’
    • ‘Grouping by production level also offers the advantage of being able to better manage feed allocation so as to not underfeed top producing cows or overfeed low producing cows.’
    • ‘Some owners underfeed their whippets, lurchers, or greyhounds, because they mistakenly think these breeds are meant to be stick-thin.’
    • ‘Supplementing grazing animals with grain or hay without regard to nutrients they receive from forage is inefficient if we overfeed of underfeed them.’
    • ‘A vet believed he had been underfed for at least six months.’
    • ‘A few weeks ago, an Alabama sheriff was arrested for underfeeding his inmates and pocketing the leftover meal money.’
    • ‘I now know that I was underfeeding her.’
    • ‘Defenceless against their masters, they struggled with overwork and its usual complement - underfeeding.’
    • ‘Accurate nutritional targets are important as both overfeeding and underfeeding have led to increased morbidity.’
    • ‘Accurately assessing nutritional requirements and monitoring the adequacy of nutritional intake in critically ill patients can help ensure that complications associated with underfeeding or overfeeding are avoided.’
    • ‘Underfeeding can also result from improper feeding techniques and errors in formula preparation.’
    • ‘Underfeeding in acutely ill patients has been associated with adverse outcomes, including increased incidence of infection and longer hospitalization.’
    • ‘Underfeeding, although less harmful if it happens only occasionally, also threatens good development of mind and body.’
    thinness, boniness, scrawniness, skinniness, scragginess