Meaning of underfinanced in English:


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  • Not having or receiving sufficient funding.

    ‘underfinanced inner-city schools’
    • ‘Bashir has put conditions on a UN peacekeeping force to bolster the underfinanced 7,000 African Union troops, now in Darfur.’
    • ‘The overburdened, under-financed hospital was itself an unnerving environment for the meeting.’
    • ‘The underfinanced, little-publicized campaign of Mr. Kennedy, 38, is not likely to get many votes on Tuesday.’
    • ‘The money is badly needed to improve care in these underfinanced, overworked centers.’
    • ‘Catlin is almost militant in his view that the system is grossly underfinanced.’
    • ‘The task of creating a coherent, statewide system for indigent defense out of the current hodgepodge of underfinanced defenders has been put off for too long.’
    • ‘On Friday, the council voted to speed up planning for a UN peacekeeping force to be sent to Darfur to relieve underfinanced African Union troops.’
    • ‘Introduced two years ago by President Vladimir V. Putin, the tax was designed to bring order to the chaos of the chronically underfinanced state budget.’
    • ‘And what tripped him up was a race against an underfinanced opponent most people on Long Island still cannot name.’
    • ‘The military health system is seriously undermanned and underfinanced for the number of casualties coming home.’
    • ‘Konig has said that an expanded budget is crucial to restoring what he called the "chronically underfinanced" Ludwig Museum to its onetime prominence.’
    • ‘This bizarre situation has come to pass because of a mistake by an underfinanced and understaffed government agency.’
    • ‘The old Lincoln Hospital was in a building that had been condemned and was severely understaffed and under-financed.’
    • ‘The origins of those crises are fantastically complex, and the underfinanced national states cannot begin to cope.’
    • ‘Public higher education has been badly under financed for a decade.’
    • ‘The national states have grown weak and underfinanced, and this needs to be remedied.’
    • ‘He banned birth control and left under-financed state institutions to care for the wave of abandoned children that followed.’
    • ‘Researchers have also recently found that people in grammar schools do better than pupils in underfinanced inner-city hell-hole comprehensives.’
    • ‘As the entire public health care system in Poland is notoriously underfinanced, the rather costly methadone maintenance does not constitute a priority concern.’
    • ‘Lancaster, 54, had been unfairly blamed for the failings of an antiquated and underfinanced department with a long history of corruption, inefficiency and missing records.’



/ʌndəˈfʌɪnanst/ /ʌndəfɪˈnanst/ /ʌndəfʌɪˈnanst/