Meaning of underfund in English:


Pronunciation /ʌndəˈfʌnd/

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[with object]
  • Provide with insufficient funding.

    ‘important public services are seriously underfunded’
    • ‘Yet health services are seriously underfunded and unable to cope with the numbers of patients seeking help.’
    • ‘This report showed the health services had been seriously underfunded for many years and needed a huge injection of capital.’
    • ‘Care homes across the country say they are being underfunded by councils and lack of funding is repeatedly cited for increasing numbers of closures.’
    • ‘The problem is that many community services are significantly underfunded.’
    • ‘He said the practice was underfunded and was trying to operate a service that will make things better for those who stay.’
    • ‘All members of this House know that despite the extra money put in by this Government, the treatment services are still underfunded.’
    • ‘Roads are congested, public transportation is poor, and the health service is underfunded.’
    • ‘This dual system strained the traditionally underfunded public services of the state.’
    • ‘‘Higher education has been underfunded for many years and doing nothing is not an option,’ she said.’
    • ‘The president's budget for the current fiscal year proposed slashing many already underfunded programs.’
    • ‘Yes, Defence (like the health and education sectors) has been underfunded for years.’
    • ‘They say the federal and provincial governments have chronically underfunded them, and are left with little choice.’
    • ‘For years, it's been underfunded and overwhelmed and, by its own admission, barely able to cope.’
    • ‘The chief constable herself has been touring the county telling people their police have been underfunded for years and the only way forward is more cash.’
    • ‘The hard working police are severely underfunded, significantly underpaid and crazily understaffed.’
    • ‘The humanitarian community here is underfunded by hundreds of millions of dollars.’
    • ‘Successive governments have underfunded tertiary education for years.’
    • ‘Less well-off parents would end up sending their children to nearby underfunded public schools.’
    • ‘She says the chronically underfunded centre is a lifeline for the 60 men and women who use it every day.’
    • ‘It must be recognised, however, that over a number of years we have been advised that the Trust has been underfunded.’