Meaning of underglaze in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʌndəɡleɪz/


  • A colour or design applied to pottery before it is glazed.

    ‘I have worked hard to find the right clays, underglazes and glazes that are compatible.’
    • ‘The camp uses about 2,450 pounds of clay and about thirty-six pints of assorted glazes and underglazes during a season.’
    • ‘I learned to clean greenware and to use ceramic tools; I learned to use underglazes and stains; I learned about firing and some basics about underglazes and glazes.’
    • ‘The editing is based on their knowledge of working with underglazes on clay.’
    • ‘After the students had created designs to decorate their dishes, I gave them the ‘green light’ to paint their fish with colorful underglazes.’
    • ‘My students used underglazes to paint their pieces.’
    • ‘When the tile is finished and the underglazes are thoroughly dry, apply two to three coats of clear glaze.’
    • ‘Using underglazes produces a semi-authentic experience, but allows students a greater range of colors.’
    • ‘Using underglazes, teenagers draw compositions on plaster slabs, and slip is then poured over the designs.’
    • ‘He works on a plaster slab, drawing with commercial underglazes in reverse.’
    • ‘Then I use a variety of oxides and underglazes - mixing my own colors - to paint the surface.’
    • ‘The large vases, jars, and bowls displayed are all richly decorated with delicate and elaborate blue underglazes.’
    • ‘After the outline image is completely dry, students use a selection of underglazes to color in the areas using small, fine brushes.’
    • ‘The pieces were bisque fired and decorated with underglazes then fired again with a gloss glaze, but the project can be adapted to use acrylics.’
    • ‘Explaining her actions for viewers, she applies white slip and colored underglazes for decorations.’
    • ‘The designs are put on either with an underglaze, a sort of drawing technique, or overglaze, which is more like montage.’
    • ‘After the underglaze was fired on, the boxes were glazed and fired again.’
    • ‘Apply two coats of the desired color of glaze or underglaze with a coat of clear glaze over the top.’
    • ‘The clay frames were later bisque-fired and the students applied a gray-green velvet underglaze to them.’
    • ‘It can take several layers of thick underglaze to get the effects I want.’