Meaning of underhandedness in English:


Pronunciation /ʌndəˈhandɪdnəs/


mass noun
  • Secretive or dishonest behaviour.

    ‘he rules with a combination of threats and underhandedness’
    • ‘She always acts above board, never resorting to underhandedness.’
    • ‘The woman had depths of underhandedness he was only beginning to comprehend.’
    • ‘The Commission's reforms were shot through with serpentine underhandedness.’
    • ‘The aim of the government's underhandedness was to make the deal look like the property of 'the People'.’
    • ‘That's all Mayo were trying to do and for their efforts to be upfront they met only with underhandedness.’
    • ‘The problem is not with the underhandedness of a given lobby group, the problem is with the system that allows financial might to dominate the decision-making process.’
    • ‘Intriguing how a simple answer to a question by a reporter could distract people from the true underhandedness taking place right under their noses.’
    • ‘It is the sneakiness and underhandedness that has disappointed me.’
    • ‘I'm not going to permit this sort of underhandedness or distortion to prevent me from doing a job in the service of the Tasmanian people.’