Meaning of underlit in English:


Pronunciation /ʌndəˈlɪt/


  • Having insufficient light or lighting; dim.

    ‘Yet the movie is quite underlit - what diner has mood lighting?’
    • ‘For all the quality of the work on display, though, this is one of the worst-hung exhibitions I've ever seen - the pictures packed into low, underlit rooms, the walls painted in gloomy and overbearing colours.’
    • ‘The forecourt was gloomy, underlit and overlooked by a dark brick building of indeterminate purpose.’
    • ‘Beatrice was lying alone in the middle of an underlit room, on a narrow couch.’
    • ‘In an underlit office space, the ambient light is usually adequate, but accent or task lighting isn't.’
    • ‘The scene was slightly underlit, and while I could hear all sorts of human activity - talking, phones ringing, keyboards clattering - I couldn't see another living person.’
    • ‘I felt this scene was again underlit, we know its going to end horribly, but that temple is so badly lit from the start its dreadful.’
    • ‘The show was also horribly underlit, making some paintings all but impossible to see adequately.’
    • ‘While parts of the documentary look over- or underlit and some scenes are conspicuously shot on video and transferred to film, this is all par for the course with television documentaries and usually does not detract from viewing.’
    • ‘In the 1990s, her pictures are invariably hand-held and moving and, never one to beautify, they appear increasingly underlit, overlit or downright blurry.’
    • ‘Whatever the source of illumination, many works were either underlit, overlit, or dominated by bigger or more brightly colored neighbors.’
    • ‘Scratches and flecks of dirt are common throughout the film, and there are several scenes that are overly grainy and look like they were underlit during filming.’
    • ‘The occasional crowd shots are understandably underlit and quite grainy.’
    • ‘The garage is underlit, with a low-slung ceiling and construction that evinces the massive weight first of the cement slabwork and then of the floors and earth above.’