Meaning of underman in English:


Pronunciation /ʌndəˈman/

verbverb undermans, verb undermanning, verb undermanned

[with object]
  • Fail to provide with enough workers or crew.

    ‘the public prosecutor's offices are hopelessly undermanned’
    • ‘We are hopelessly undermanned, the medical services have been run down and at least 10% of our frontline forces are unfit for duty.’
    • ‘One of the problems was that the Curator's office was so undermanned that each agent had an average of three hours to spend per year on each of the people under their control.’
    • ‘The conditions were very bad, and we were grossly undermanned.’
    • ‘While they have mutual-aid arrangements with local outside fire agencies, their own departments often are undermanned.’
    • ‘But they are undermanned and spread too thinly.’
    • ‘They are undermanned and feel neglected, lack confidence in their generals and are disgusted by political leadership.’
    • ‘Mrs Crowther belongs to the neighbourhood watch and admires the two hard-working local beat police, but says they are ridiculously undermanned.’
    • ‘The commanders reporting to their superiors explain they are undermanned and are doing the best they can.’
    • ‘They had council managers as witnesses who claimed the cleansing department was undermanned, underresourced and always short of men.’
    • ‘His badly undermanned team played with heart but had no hope of matching the two great world powers of the game.’
    • ‘For example, the reserve components are eliminating a number of units that have traditionally been undermanned to ensure that remaining units are more likely to have their full complement of personnel.’
    • ‘We're undermanned, undersized, and undermotivated.’
    • ‘Army fuel supply sections were also undermanned and officers from army reserves (three to five persons) were used to strengthen them.’
    • ‘Many aircraft maintenance areas are undermanned.’
    • ‘There are significantly undermanned career fields.’
    • ‘Some skills are crowded and others are undermanned.’
    • ‘Most of the departments had been undermanned anyways.’
    • ‘We're undermanned, underpowered, out-classed in nearly every way.’
    • ‘The federal appellate courts are vastly undermanned, largely because Congress blocks more judicial nominees than it confirms.’
    • ‘You all know we were undermanned before this encounter.’
    understaffed, short-handed, undermanned, below strength