Meaning of underneath in English:


Pronunciation /ʌndəˈniːθ/

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  • 1Situated directly below (something else)

    ‘our bedroom is right underneath theirs’
    • ‘four names written underneath each other’
    • ‘She was no longer hiding underneath her black hair and had showed her true colors during the auditions.’
    • ‘A girl wearing thick sunglasses with her hair tucked underneath a black hat pushed her way through the crowd.’
    • ‘He fetched a garbage bag from underneath the sink and, without entering the bedroom, handed it to her.’
    • ‘When he went home he started digging in the dirt basement directly underneath the bedroom wall.’
    • ‘Most laminate flooring requires a separate layer underneath it.’
    • ‘She said there was a thick layer of dust underneath her bed and a cleaner had made a sarcastic comment to her.’
    • ‘As she picked up the rose, she noticed a piece of paper underneath it.’
    • ‘Inside were a few pieces of paper underneath an ancient looking gun.’
    • ‘She keeps shoving pictures of him underneath my nose and talking about him all the time.’
    • ‘She got down to pick it up, and saw a folded up piece of paper underneath there, so she fished it out, and read it.’
    • ‘My eyes were clamped shut while pushing the piece of paper underneath the door.’
    • ‘She yanked the picture out from underneath the things she had collected over the years.’
    • ‘Bits and pieces of glass flew across the floor and the picture slid underneath her bed.’
    • ‘He sighed, and pulled a picture out from underneath his mattress, handing it to me.’
    • ‘All carry-on pieces, including laptops, must fit either underneath the seat in front of you or in an overhead bin.’
    • ‘Sitting up, Adrian gazed into the photograph once again, staring at the picture of his wife and he underneath the tree.’
    • ‘I flip through the pages, fanning them out underneath the tip of my thumb.’
    • ‘They walked on a red carpet and stood underneath a romantic canopy for pictures.’
    • ‘Eagerly opening to the first page, she tucked her legs underneath her and began to read.’
    • ‘It was a picture of her and Jordan, when they first kissed underneath the mistletoe.’
    beneath, below, underneath, at the bottom of, at the foot of
  • 2So as to be concealed by (something else)

    ‘money changed hands underneath the table’
    • ‘underneath his aloof air, Nicky was a warm and open young man’
    • ‘Mrs Webb said, ‘We used to pass notes underneath the table and that sort of thing, but when we left school we went our own ways.’’
    • ‘A silken blue cloth covered the old wooden table underneath.’
    • ‘He put layers of color one on top of another, concealing and revealing the colors underneath, making the process of covering transparent.’
    • ‘Or at least I would have if Ian hadn't kicked me underneath the table.’
    • ‘Jordan was holding Allie's hand tightly underneath the table.’
    • ‘I asked weakly, clutching onto Katashi's arm underneath the table.’
    • ‘I heard Joseph laughing and kicked him from underneath the table.’
    • ‘Fiona gave Justin a hard kick in the shin underneath the table.’
    • ‘Before leaving she kicked Sakari in the leg underneath the table.’
    • ‘‘Well, I don't think she'll be hiding underneath the pool table,’ jokes Kiko weakly.’
    • ‘When the maid took the picture home, she found a piece of paper hidden underneath the matting.’
    1. 2.1Partly or wholly concealed by (a garment)
      ‘she could easily see the broadness of his shoulders underneath a tailored white sports shirt’
      • ‘His overshirt hung from his shoulders, underneath a broad white bandage bound tightly around his torso.’
      • ‘She was in cameo shorts and a white tank top, underneath her top her bra's outline was visible.’
      • ‘I watched her thin shoulders heave underneath the thin white fabric of her shirt.’
      • ‘A dark leather jacket hung loosely off a pair of wide shoulders, underneath a semi formal attire, just missing a tie and coat.’
      • ‘I was on the swim team and I had my bathing suit on (I skipped after school practice) so I stripped down to the black one piece I had on underneath.’
      • ‘He had a dark jacket on with several layers of clothing underneath.’


  • 1Situated directly below something else.

    ‘there was plenty of storage room underneath’
    • ‘a crane lifted slabs of concrete to rescue people trapped underneath’
    down, downward, lower, below, underneath, beneath
  • 2So as to be concealed by something else.

    ‘paint was peeling off in flakes to reveal greyish plaster underneath’
    • ‘she seemed to have no emotions, but in fact she was very sensitive underneath’
    1. 2.1Partly or wholly concealed by a garment.
      • ‘he was wearing a brown jacket with a white T-shirt underneath’


in singular
  • The part or side of something facing towards the ground; the underside.

    ‘a wart on the underneath of his foot’
    • ‘I searched every nook and cranny in the kitchen and larder, and examined the underneaths of tables and chairs in case Harry or Dolly had taken a liking to it as a rolly-toy.’
    • ‘They were leaving the car park at about 8.30 pm when they spotted a man trying to attract their attention, pointing to the underneath of the front of the car.’
    • ‘I flew beside him, taking giant strides so as not to fall, until we came upon the Jeep, from the underneath of which Johnny's feet poked out.’
    • ‘An eyewitness reported seeing the craft hit the underneath of the bridge and lose radar and aerial equipment.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the failure of the third drive shaft caused significant damage to the underneath of the car and the team withdrew the Nissan from the race.’
    • ‘I got curious and pulled myself to the edge of the underneath of the bed.’
    • ‘I reached down and pulled my binder up from the metal rungs on the underneath of my chair that held books.’
    • ‘If you need someone to come and rebuild the underneath of your house, again, he's the guy do it.’
    • ‘The underneath of the car was covered in a coating of cloggy clay, so cleaning them afterwards wasn't much fun!’
    • ‘I felt his smooth, warm fingertips graze the underneath of my chin and gently lift it so he could see my eyes.’
    • ‘Mr Fisher, who had been taking pictures of the floods, saw the boat hit the underneath of the bridge and said it appeared to lose an aerial and part of its radar equipment.’
    • ‘The clouds were highlighted with sunbeams; the tops bright gold, the underneath dark grey in shadow.’
    underside, lower side, underneath, undersurface, undercarriage, underpart, belly, underbelly


Old English underneothan; compare with beneath.