Meaning of underprepared in English:


Pronunciation /ʌndəprɪˈpɛːd/

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  • Not having prepared sufficiently to carry out a task.

    ‘if you are underprepared the likelihood of success is reduced’
    • ‘However, remedial education often carries a stigma because of its association with underprepared students.’
    • ‘‘I'm sorry we're a bit underprepared,’ she fussed, ‘if you were here tomorrow there would be a chaise longue and everything.’’
    • ‘I feel seriously underprepared, but I have discovered that briefings from teachers are pretty useless, and I need to find out from the kids what they have actually done.’
    • ‘While being woefully underprepared overall, I'm at least semi-prepared for 4 of the 5 possible essays we'll have to write.’
    • ‘I can't remember when I first heard about the eclipse, and haven't paid it particular attention, but with two days to go, I could not say I was feeling underprepared.’
    • ‘It's not that we're unprepared, but we're underprepared.’
    • ‘I lost and they stuck us in to bat first, and on a difficult, soft wicket it was not easy, especially when we went into the game underprepared, again due to the weather wiping out most of our practice sessions.’
    • ‘They are lazy, incompetent and underprepared.’
    • ‘This is a problem that needs attention, but letting in underprepared students into demanding college programs is probably not a solution.’
    • ‘Players sometimes came to rehearsal underprepared.’
    • ‘I have a test tonight that I'm ridiculously underprepared for, because I've been heavily concentrating on my other class.’
    • ‘I think a lot of people were a little underprepared for the intensity.’
    • ‘Now I'm thinking that I am woefully underprepared for an emergency of that magnitude.’
    • ‘And he seems to be a tad underprepared for the winter coming up.’
    • ‘The Tories went into this election intellectually underprepared.’
    • ‘A year ago he won Olympic gold while injured, underprepared and having looked beaten 20 metres from the line.’
    • ‘He entered the professional ranks at 18, a boy underprepared for a man's world.’
    • ‘This discrepancy of feeling underprepared for reading but not for writing could be because students come to college expecting to be challenged by writing but not by reading, and then they are surprised by their ability to write well.’
    • ‘Over the last three decades, the increase in underprepared students, coupled with what some faculty believe is administrative pressure to lower standards, has had a demoralizing effect on faculty.’
    • ‘A significant community college is a college of choice for the underrepresented and underprepared as well as for a cross-section of talented, focused, prepared, and resourced people.’