Meaning of underscrub in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʌndəˌskrʌb/


mass nounmainly Australian, mainly New Zealand
  • Undergrowth, especially in a forest.

    ‘the underscrub was wiregrass and small rushes’
    • ‘There is a patchy underscrub of hazel and holly.’
    • ‘A wombat foraged through the underscrub searching for roots.’
    • ‘Crooked stunted gums and stringybarks, with a thick underscrub of wild cherry, hop, and hybrid wattle, clothed the spurs which ran up from the back of the detached kitchen.’
    • ‘The woods often flank the valleys, and can be dense, damp and matted with underscrub.’
    • ‘The timber growth is fairly sparse and the underscrub light.’

verbverb underscrubs, verb underscrubbing, verb underscrubbed

[with object]mainly Australian, mainly New Zealand
  • Remove undergrowth from (a forest)

    ‘in the Alton Valley, 227 acres of the forest were underscrubbed manually’
    • ‘First, the settler underscrubbed using a slasher and an axe to begin clearing the impenetrable undergrowth, the saplings, and the small trees.’
    • ‘About 10,000 acres of older 4 ft. x 4 ft. plantations were thinned and underscrubbed.’
    • ‘A belt of bushland, partially surrounding the home and buildings, had been underscrubbed, as a safeguard against fire.’
    • ‘The area was first underscrubbed and all small undergrowth cut about 6 inches to ground level.’
    • ‘Many a frontier settler's wife, underscrubbing on the bush section, must have been dreaming of the day when she would glow over her daughter's virtuosity on the piano.’
    • ‘A total of 340 acres was silviculturally treated, the work including underscrubbing and thinning of beech forests and the release of kauri saplings from competing scrub.’