Meaning of underserved in English:


Pronunciation /ʌndəˈsəːvd/


  • Inadequately provided with a service or facility.

    ‘a medically underserved community’
    • ‘Increase services to underserved children and families.’
    • ‘Expand psychological services for the underserved and homeless.’
    • ‘Overall, it appears that long-term care facilities are vastly underserved.’
    • ‘That tells me there's an underserved market for commercial services, things like accounting and so on.’
    • ‘Doctors argue rising malpractice insurance rates are driving them out of business, leaving their communities underserved.’
    • ‘Recruitment of doctors to underserved, rural communities is a major public health issue in the country.’
    • ‘Held annually in the spring, this event includes free films for children, senior citizens and underserved communities.’
    • ‘Modern telecommunications infrastructure can play a critical role in revitalizing the economy of an underserved community.’
    • ‘This program served poor and minority children and may become a model for the management of childhood asthma in underserved communities.’
    • ‘Corps members also could participate in programs that specifically target groups that are underserved by the medical community.’
    • ‘I dare you to share the pains and fears of another, to share hope with the hopeless, and to resurrect our underserved communities.’
    • ‘Today culminated a week of outreach workers going door to door to assess the medical needs of an underserved refugee community.’
    • ‘The literature suggests that cancer prevention programs may fail in minority or underserved communities.’
    • ‘The members are active in survivor and community groups and represent underserved populations.’
    • ‘The Howard University graduate has spent most of her career working in underserved communities.’
    • ‘But even a distorted market needs consumers, and if an underserved group of listeners is big enough, someone will notice them.’
    • ‘Residential roll-outs of unlicensed broadband wireless technologies are still largely limited to rural, urban edge, and other underserved markets.’
    • ‘You won't only be helping some of the most underserved children in the country, you'll be supporting their teachers, too.’
    • ‘The underserved market of older music fans has been identified like an untapped oil well, but so far no one's tricked it to the surface.’
    • ‘Physician assistants commonly share on-call time, and routinely run satellite clinics in underserved areas.’