Meaning of undershirt in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʌndəʃəːt/

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mainly North American
  • An undergarment worn under a shirt; a vest.

    ‘He'd always wear undershirts under his dress shirts, and cuff links in his French sleeves.’
    • ‘The older man, dressed in an old polo shirt over an undershirt, glanced blearily at his son.’
    • ‘He was dressed in a light blue flannel shirt over a white undershirt and navy blue jeans.’
    • ‘He had on jeans and a light blue shirt with a white undershirt that made him look scholarly and gorgeous at the same time.’
    • ‘His hair was a little damp and he wore jeans and a dark blue shirt with a white undershirt.’
    • ‘I recently got hooked on white short sleeve undershirts and wear them under polos or button down shirts every day.’
    • ‘I stripped off my sweater and my two outer shirts, leaving only my undershirt and then bra.’
    • ‘I mean, undershirts I understand, but I don't think people tuck in tee-shirts when they wear them as shirts…’
    • ‘In order to stay cool, Harris recommends that workers wear an undershirt beneath the vest.’
    • ‘Clad only in small cotton under-shorts and a cotton undershirt, she wadded into the water.’
    • ‘The clothes she had given him were baggy except for the white undershirt and the suspenders.’
    • ‘He wore a spotless business suit; a white undershirt, with a black tie, pants, and jacket.’
    • ‘Suddenly it hits me that I'm clad in a white undershirt and plaid pajama bottoms.’
    • ‘They started out as simple undershirts for men, but have since become increasingly popular among young hipsters.’
    • ‘Megan was in her pajama pants and a tanktop; Charlie dressed in his jeans and his undershirt.’
    • ‘He came back out with a white undershirt, black khakis, and a black tee shirt with a red dragon on it.’
    • ‘He was wearing a pair of baggy jeans and a black dress shirt that was opened to reveal a white undershirt.’
    • ‘He pulled on a white undershirt, a blue silk Oxford shirt, a pair of tan slacks and a matching jacket.’
    • ‘A skinny bleached-blond woman in her forties wearing jeans and a white undershirt sat on the couch.’
    • ‘Grabbing a shirt out of his case, Kenny looked for an undershirt to wear.’