Meaning of underskirt in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʌndəskəːt/

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  • A skirt worn under another; a petticoat.

    ‘It was made of ivory silk with a cotton underskirt and a laced overskirt embroidered with delicate pink flowers.’
    • ‘Traditional native clothing for women includes an apron over a long skirt and many underskirts.’
    • ‘Her attire was simply undergarments, and an underskirt, usually attached to the gown just around the waist, to protect the gown from mud and tearing.’
    • ‘Her dress was pale blue silk with a slightly tiered skirt and a wide underskirt.’
    • ‘She tucked the shirt into the frilly underskirt, worn under the wine colored flounced gypsy skirt.’
    • ‘The women's costumes were long and full-skirted, of gray tulle with tight gray satin bodices, but the underskirts had warm tones of crimson, cherry, flame and wine red.’
    • ‘Women may have been dressed in long velvet dresses over taffeta underskirts and boned bodices.’
    • ‘I asked, fishing for compliments, of course, because what idiot would squeeze herself into a corset and about 10 underskirts only to wait timidly to see if anyone noticed the effort?’
    • ‘Along with the dress in the bag was a white mask, shoes that matched the dress perfectly and a large selection of underskirts and a new corset.’
    • ‘She was clothed in little more than her underskirt and a light corset, the fabric snagged and torn at the seams, and suddenly she felt very self-conscious.’
    • ‘A dark blue gown with a white underskirt and gold trim had been decided upon.’
    • ‘And look, no hoops or anything, the entire shape of the skirt is made by the underskirts.’
    • ‘She returned with the correct garment and helped me into my underskirts and other sundry articles of clothing.’
    • ‘I can remember wearing a taffeta skirt with sleeveless top and a waspie elastic waist belt, plus a net underskirt, which used to prick your legs with its rough edge.’
    • ‘An underskirt is sewn into the garment giving it extra fullness.’
    • ‘The satin underskirt and sleeves are embroidered with pearls and with devices in gold thread which resemble the sun.’
    • ‘The underskirt is cut in a circle, with a machine-stitched hem.’
    • ‘She pulled out her two other pairs of shoes, some underskirts and tops, and other random things like her hair brush and jewelry.’
    • ‘Luckily the gray dress wasn't made to be worn with any underskirts, so it didn't drag on the ground when I didn't wear any.’
    • ‘The sleeves hung long and pointed, with rich black lining, and there was a black underskirt that showed when I lifted the dress to walk.’