Meaning of understandable in English:


Pronunciation /ˌʌndəˈstandəbl/

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  • 1Able to be understood.

    ‘though his accent was strange, the words were perfectly understandable’
    • ‘She is able to explain the more arcane bits of theology in a very clear and understandable way.’
    comprehensible, easy to understand, intelligible, penetrable, fathomable, graspable, lucid, coherent, clear, crystal clear, explicit, unambiguous, transparent, plain, straightforward, digestible, user-friendly, glanceable
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    1. 1.1To be expected; natural, reasonable, or forgivable.
      ‘such fears are understandable’
      • ‘it is understandable that mistakes occur sometimes’
      • ‘They did not choose to exercise that option, for understandable reasons.’
      • ‘His reasons for leaving were understandable.’
      • ‘They hate her for understandable reasons: she has all but destroyed their cause.’
      • ‘She gave me completely understandable reasons for her words, her actions and her choices.’
      • ‘He has his reasons and they are understandable.’
      • ‘Business customers are always slow in upgrading, for obvious and understandable reasons.’
      • ‘It was an understandable mistake when the request was made by phone.’
      • ‘It was, of course, an innocent mistake, perhaps understandable at the end of what has been a giddying week.’
      • ‘Many directors and actors in this country have made the same understandable mistake.’
      • ‘This reaction was entirely predictable and understandable, albeit a bit extreme.’
      • ‘Still, regardless of whether it's understandable or normal, the tension's still there.’
      • ‘When you take these things into account it's understandable where we are.’
      • ‘This is understandable but in the long term it is a serious mistake.’
      • ‘These sentiments might be understandable, but again they're hardly rational.’
      • ‘It is quite understandable then that he is able to get home a great deal earlier than expected.’
      • ‘Such a reaction was perhaps understandable in the heat of the moment.’
      • ‘Some delay in assessing complex claims and establishing facts is understandable.’
      • ‘So why did it seem so understandable and even, dare I say it, innocent, in his telling?’
      • ‘It is understandable that businesses want to provide best value and have a cost-effective system.’
      • ‘The pride she feels in what she is doing, while understandable, is borderline smug.’
      unsurprising, expected, to be expected, predictable, foreseeable, inevitable
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