Meaning of understocked in English:


Pronunciation /ˌʌndəˈstɒkt/


  • Having insufficient stock of goods, farm animals, etc.

    ‘the bleak, understocked shops’
    • ‘Angry shoppers have criticised the store as being persistently understocked, with basic items missing from the shelves.’
    • ‘It hasn't happened, and the excuse I hear most often now is that cost-cutting measures have resulted in the place being understaffed, understocked, and generally miserable.’
    • ‘Yeah, we know that compared to their counterparts around the nation, they're rather underfunded, understocked and short-staffed, and at least one local branch is downright moldy.’
    • ‘Firms have been greatly surprised by the sustained, high demand gains, and have understaffed and understocked as a result of their caution.’
    • ‘Underemployed drill sergeants reassigned from understocked basic training bases could not be replaced quickly with comparable talent if enlistments pick up later.’
    • ‘I went to look for you at the unwelcoming, understocked bookstore in the small Midwestern town in which I temporarily resided.’
    • ‘The surprising success of HDTVs was spotlighted during the last holiday season, when many retailers found themselves understocked.’
    • ‘Vaccines for major biological threats (most notably, smallpox) remain understocked.’