Meaning of undertint in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʌndətɪnt/


  • A subdued or delicate tint.

    ‘The details are empathized without affecting the undertints and the gradation of the colors.’
    • ‘Accentuate the important layer with a conspicuous colour and use various shades of grey or undertints for the others.’
    • ‘The only thing you are capable of noticing is that her eyes are a fascinating shade of green with undertints like sunrays caught in shallow water.’
    • ‘The contrast against the black that he wore was nothing short of magnificent, heightening the maroon undertints of his eyes and blending smoothly into the streaks of his hair.’
    • ‘For instance, yellow looks best on those with white or dark skin tones or those with some reddish undertints.’
    • ‘Mr. Dawson refers to the markings on the egg as ‘traces of an ancient color pattern, undoubtedly heavy, still persisting in faint lines of umber and in subdued shell markings or undertints of lavender and lilac,’ which he thinks indicate a former habit of nesting in the open.’