Meaning of undervaluation in English:


Pronunciation /ʌndəvaljʊˈeɪʃ(ə)n/


See undervalue

‘After all, the country is still relatively small compared to the global economy, and 15% undervaluation doesn't seem like a lot in the grand scheme of things.’
  • ‘The inspection is aimed at helping curb smuggling and undervaluation practices and to nab corrupt customs officials.’
  • ‘However, historically our equation has an estimated error-correction process that eliminates roughly half of any undervaluation or overvaluation within a quarter.’
  • ‘Consequently, a tendency towards undervaluation of assets resulted and was increasingly implied if not endorsed, occasionally by judicial opinions.’
  • ‘He suggests serious reflection on what may be the overvaluation of explanation and analysis by scholars and the undervaluation of such activity by students.’