Meaning of underwood in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʌndəwʊd/


mass noun
  • Small trees and shrubs growing beneath taller timber trees.

    ‘the second crop was of underwood and coppice’
    • ‘they sell underwood belonging to the Crown’
    • ‘From the Forest of Dean the king took minerals, underwood, timber, and red and fallow deer.’
    • ‘I, too, felt as if I was peering into a coppice - a wood or thicket characterized by a dense, often tangled, underwood of stump shoots and suckers encouraged into being by the periodic cutting down of trees.’
    shrubbery, vegetation, greenery, ground cover, underwood, copsewood, brushwood, brush, scrub, underscrub, cover, covert, thicket, copse, coppice, wood, jungle