Meaning of underwork in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʌndəwəːk/


[with object]
  • Impose too little work on (someone)

    ‘MPs are viewed by the public as overpaid and underworked’
    • ‘Generals and others feared that underworked soldiers might degenerate into an armed mob, so education became a useful and time-consuming diversion.’
    • ‘In the first eight months I was working there, I was chronically underworked, and yet they employed an intern, and threw work at him.’
    • ‘It is a popularly held notion that most managers are underworked and overpaid, is it not?’
    • ‘We have a lot of people who are underworked.’
    • ‘Maybe we should learn by trial and error by either overworking or underworking our swimmers.’
    • ‘I worked in newsrooms for 20 years and I haven't known a whole lot of journalists who are underworked.’
    • ‘But a few subversive questions might crop up amid one's fighting rush hour traffic and complying with the boss's directives: Could it be that many of our workers see themselves as underworked?’
    • ‘So bad was business one day last week that the underworked bar staff reported they had sold just 16 beers in 10 hours.’
    undertow, underflow, underswell, underdrift, understream, undertide, underrun