Meaning of underwriter in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʌndərʌɪtə/

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  • 1A person or company that underwrites an insurance risk.

    ‘none of the five main British insurance underwriters would be willing to offer cover’
    • ‘Through the quantification of fire risk, underwriters reconceptualized fire in abstract, economic terms, taming it on paper.’
    • ‘I told the insurance commissioner's people the name of my underwriter.’
    • ‘They surveyed 896 underwriters in 190 insurance companies to determine what premiums would insure a factory against property damage from an earthquake.’
    • ‘As his debts accrued, he was finally forced to sell his bassoon and take a job as an insurance underwriter.’
    • ‘The four scenarios were drawn from responses of underwriters in primary insurance companies.’
  • 2A bank or other financial institution that pledges to buy all the unsold shares in an issue of new shares.

    ‘the issues are guaranteed success as the underwriters will buy whatever is not snapped up by the market’
    • ‘This practice, they argued, was similar to the behaviour of large underwriters in the traditional IPO process.’
    • ‘Figure 1 shows the number of underwriters whose average offer-to-open percentage price increase fell into a given range.’
    • ‘The underwriter will tell you how much stock you have to sell.’
    • ‘The process of going public involves substantial negotiation between the vendors and the underwriters.’
    • ‘Even the best underwriters can't prop up a sluggish stock indefinitely.’
    1. 2.1A person or company that undertakes to finance or otherwise support or guarantee something.
      ‘a major underwriter of the project’
      • ‘Maybe the corporate underwriters of PBS shows are now demanding demographic ratings results, just as if these shows were on commercial networks.’
      • ‘The £50,000 fellowship, which included a residency and exhibition, was to be given biennially to an artist, but the underwriter pulled out.’
      • ‘The festival underwriter was a local piano company.’
      • ‘The underwriters of the defendants were the Swedish Club, and they needed a period of time to collate together the significant sum involved.’
      • ‘The windfall began when an underwriter stepped up with a £25,000 check and issued a challenge to other guests gathered at the studio party.’