Meaning of undesired in English:


Pronunciation /ʌndɪˈzʌɪəd/


  • (especially of an act or consequence) not wanted or desired.

    ‘undesired effects were reported in 12 of 19 patients in the group’
    • ‘The aim of the protective tariff is to undo the undesired consequences of the rise in domestic costs of production caused by government interference.’
    • ‘Private accounts accomplish the desired goals but eliminate most of the undesired consequences.’
    • ‘The parts of the web interact and co-evolve, and changing one part may have undesired consequences for another.’
    • ‘A society that cannot accept the concept of luck is one that seeks to attach blame to every undesired outcome.’
    • ‘Altering the dosage or switching to a similar medication that lacks the unwanted toxic effect can minimize undesired effects.’
    • ‘Furthermore, understanding the processes leading to the loss of knowledge might help design projects countering these undesired effects.’
    • ‘Basing a policy on the concept of risk limitation opens the possibility of weighing the desired and undesired effects of policy measures against one another.’
    • ‘Just using the official exchange rate is no option and purchasing power parity also results in undesired influences of import prices on the outcomes.’
    • ‘Apparently, the running start he made before he jumped had had the undesired effect of propelling him a fraction too far to the side.’
    • ‘This point was backed by Professor Williams who is also concerned that extreme approaches to diet could have undesired side-effects.’
    • ‘Other adverse or undesired results of vaccination usually appeared in the first day or so after vaccination.’
    • ‘However, the undesired effects of chemical pesticides have been recognized as a serious public health concern during the past decades.’
    • ‘Some undesired effects could be a scratchy throat, coughing, or a tight feeling in the throat.’
    • ‘Failure to follow technical data will always result in an undesired outcome.’
    • ‘The numerous flashes from the photographers' cameras were adding undesired lighting effects to their rehearsal.’
    • ‘My grandfather would eventually succumb to lung cancer, an undesired side effect of his spending eight years working in a coal mine.’
    • ‘Modeling the technique in training sessions and in on-site situations will help staffers successfully deal with camp problems such as undesired behavior.’
    • ‘Every spring, people across the country purchase vast quantities of toxic chemicals and spray them on lawns and gardens to remove undesired insects and weeds like pesky dandelions.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, this week you're especially liable to interpret well-meant advice, cautionary tales or even offers of aid as undesired meddling.’
    • ‘Sorry boys, but such undesired attention is hardly the thing that drives a woman's choice of what to wear each morning!’
    unwelcome, undesirable, undesired, unpopular, unfortunate, unlucky, unfavourable, untoward, too bad