Meaning of undestroyed in English:


Pronunciation /ʌndɪˈstrɔɪd/


  • Not destroyed; preserved.

    ‘forests and undestroyed habitats’
    • ‘Bei's father in Hong Kong and aunts in the United States all hoped the only property they have on the mainland could be left undestroyed.’
    • ‘Combat crews should be trained to promptly and accurately appraise firing results and carry out repeat firings on undestroyed targets.’
    • ‘Those things we hold dear are yet undestroyed and mere anarchy is not loosed upon the earth after all.’
    • ‘The infantry is shot to pieces time and again by undiscovered or undestroyed machine guns and Axis artillery.’
    • ‘They paid a heavy price for their loyalty as Lord Hume had no goods left undestroyed by the end of 1545.’
    • ‘If by any chance this paper should be still undestroyed and should fall into your hands, I conjure you, by all you hold sacred, to hurl it into the fire.’
    • ‘Its natural and undestroyed natural beauty amuses every traveler who comes.’
    • ‘This shows that all the vital nutrients are present undestroyed in raw food that benefits our health.’
    • ‘An undestroyed copy's rediscovery was 150 years in the future from Jefferson's point of view.’