Meaning of undetonated in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈdɛtəneɪtɪd/


  • (of a bomb or other explosive weapon) not having been detonated.

    ‘He said no forensic examination was ever made of any of the bomb sites or of undetonated devices.’
    • ‘This is handy for letting Duke know that there maybe some undetonated bombs lying around.’
    • ‘If a bomb squad is able to recover an undetonated device, the chemical analysis is easy.’
    • ‘Nitrogen isotopic ratios also differ between explosion residues and undetonated explosives because the lighter isotopes are preferentially volatilized by the heat of an explosion.’
    • ‘Travel in up-country Laos can still be dangerous - much debris from this deluge of terror is undetonated.’
    • ‘Of the two mines which remained undetonated on 7 June, the details of their precise location were mislaid by the British following the war, to the discomfort of local townspeople.’
    • ‘We heard warnings and saw signs throughout Cambodia especially, warning not to wander off of the paths due to the threat of undetonated landmines still very much a reality.’
    • ‘An April 2002 cease-fire put a stop to the 25-year civil war, though millions of undetonated mines are still believed to litter the countryside.’
    • ‘Also present was an undetonated incendiary device.’
    • ‘As well, the spectre of death hangs over the film in another sense, as an undetonated bomb sits in the middle of the orphanage.’
    • ‘Undetonated mines still lurk around the designated military sites and visitors should consequently side step any scrap metal objects at all costs.’
    • ‘Since 1992, it has been a protected place for bald eagles, mule deer, and other animals, and since 1996 the U.S. Army has been scooping up undetonated Sarin bomblets.’
    • ‘The bomb remained undetonated.’