Meaning of undies in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʌndɪz/

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plural noun

  • Articles of underwear, especially those of a woman or girl.

    • ‘She pulled off her camisole and undies and exchanged them for fresh underwear and a cute summer dress.’
    • ‘Test drive new undies before you commit to buying a wardrobe of them.’
    • ‘Is there anyplace that sells nice cotton undies with a leg that comes to around mid-thigh?’
    • ‘He kissed the middle of my chin and undid my towel exposing my bra and undies.’
    • ‘I pulled on a fresh pair of undies and a bra, turning and looking at the dress sitting on my bed.’
    • ‘This morning I awoke to the sight of my socks and undies and bras all perched along the racks.’
    • ‘Rene was wearing a pale blue nightie-like dress, a pink cardigan, and some shorts in lieu of undies.’
    • ‘A brunette turns her back to the camera and exposes her thong undies.’
    • ‘She took off her bottoms and was about to take off her top half when I interrupted with her standing in a tank top and undies.’
    • ‘Then, I pressed my ear up against the door while getting my undies and jeans on.’
    • ‘On Valentine's Day this year, Emma Richards received a box of chocolates, a compact disc and lace undies with a note that she prefers not to disclose.’
    • ‘Plus there were lots of cute girls stripping down to their undies left and right to try things on, which was a very nice bonus.’
    • ‘The undies themselves are pretty comfy, though the thong strip was a little thick.’
    • ‘I'd unpeg some jeans, a couple of socks, pluck off some undies, then shuffle back inside.’
    • ‘I ran into the room, and took off my clothes and slipped the undies on, and checked myself out in the mirror.’
    • ‘Pack cotton undies and dry clothes for when you're done swimming, just to be safe.’
    • ‘My skirt went right over my head, showing off my undies yet again.’
    • ‘Make them to match your undies for each day of the week!’
    • ‘We ran around the backyard until grass stuck to our undies.’
    • ‘Wearing my T-shirt and undies, I dashed into their locker room hoping the guys were done changing.’


Early 20th century abbreviation.