Meaning of undifferenced in English:




  • (of arms) not made distinct by a mark of difference.

    ‘An eldest son would retain the difference until his father's death, when he would inherit the undifferenced arms.’
    • ‘The Canadian heraldic system shares with the Scottish system the requirement that the undifferenced coat of arms is borne by one person at a time.’
    • ‘The personnel of the 17th Tank Battalion, from which this organization descends, were in the old 305th Brigade and, therefore, adopted the undifferenced arms and crest of that Brigade.’
    • ‘Thomas Lynedoch Graham, being a younger son, would automatically have been required to matriculate his arms, since he was not entitled to the undifferenced arms of Fintry.’
    • ‘He is the only person entitled to display the undifferenced shield of arms, i.e. without any marks of dependency upon any other noble house.’